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Dense asphalt concrete is often used as the ‘basic’ surface layer. The volume or amount of asphalt binder is critical for durability of asphalt mixtures. Asphalt for Ultra-Thin Layers (AUTL)
“Asphalt for Ultra-Thin Layers (AUTL) is a hot mix asphalt road surface course laid on a bonding layer, at a nominal thickness between 10 mm and 20 mm with properties suitable for the intended use. Stone mastic asphalt surfaces are designed to take heavy traffic so they are normally constructed with at least four substantial layers, rather than three for a domestic tarmacadam driveway. 5 to 3 times the nominal maximum aggregate particle size.

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Since 1960s, Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) pavement surfaces have been used successfully in Germany on heavily trafficked roads. This mixture is of often used as a surface layer in case high stability is needed.   Aggregates, Bitumens and Fillers are also tested in the laboratory. 2. Cold mixtureHalf Warm Asphalt
Half-warm mixtures are: produced with heated aggregate at a mixing temperature (of the mix) between approximately 70 °C and roughly 100 °C.

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Fibers are being used in SMA as a stabilizing agent and to reduce the drain down significantly . ieAsphalt Overview Roadstone owns and operates 20 Asphalt Plants strategically located at selected locations around the country, offering a national supply and ‘supply and lay’ blacktop contracting service. 5 percent which is attributed to filling of more amount of voids present in it, due to high coarse aggregate skeleton.

30 August 2022

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Proud partner of Leicester TigersDifferent asphalt mixtures are available for the top layer of an asphalt road. .